Maestro Debit Card

AFH issues to the customers (upon their request) the Maestro Debit Card, which is linked to the customer's current account. It is a fast line debit card. Customer can withdraw from ATM or make purchases from many Points of Sales (P.O.S). The payment is authorized by the card issuer to ensure that the cardholder has sufficient funds in his account to make the purchase and the cardholder confirms the payment by entering the 4 digits PIN.

Key Facts Statement

  • Card Validity:   2 Years from issuance 
  •  Account access and customer help desk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • SMS with each transaction
  • Access to millions of ATMs and merchants worldwide having Logo Maestro / Cirrus
  • Possibility to request supplementary cards for direct relatives
  • Ability to obtain statement of account and balance inquiry
  • Ability to change PIN
  • Possibility to link card to more than one account
  • No monthly charges or management fees
  • Account to Account transfer available only on AFH ATMs & CSC Network
  • Recharge you mobile with ALFA & TOUCH
  • Valid ID or Passport
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Open current account
  • Maximum limit per month: Account Balance
  • Maximum limit at ATM: $1,000 per transaction twice every 12 hours
  • Maximum limit at P.O.S: $5,000 per day (combined cash & purchase)
Annual Fees
  • Primary Card Fees: $12  Yearly (No initial subscription fees)
  • Supplementary Card Fees: $12
  • SMS Monthly Fees: $1


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