Customer Awareness

With the globalization of business, increased diversity in the workplace and multicultural emphasis in society, cultural awareness has become one of the most important business tools in almost every industry. Understanding the cultures of those around you will enhance communication, productivity and unity in the workplace. Formal cross-cultural awareness training is very helpful for problem solving on multicultural business teams, but there are several cultural awareness techniques you can use in the meantime.

Wherefore AFH considers customer awareness of a huge priority and aims to comply with the Circular 134 of the Central Bank of Lebanon: "In relation to the provision of banking and financial services and products of all kinds, banks and financial institutions operating in Lebanon shall educate their customers, raise their awareness, and explain to them their rights, by spreading awareness and education programs in their head offices and branches, on their websites and any other means of communication with customers". AFH periodically sends out flyers and Brochures, and provides the same information to our Customers facing staff, AFH website and other channels of customer contact.

In line with the Central Bank of Lebanon’s requirements and in an effort to ensure utmost transparency and public awareness, AFH places at your disposal downloadable “key facts statements” with full details of its wide range of products and services.

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