Financing Solutions

Whether you want to improve cash flow, cover expenses or plan for business growth, AFH can help your company with its finance and borrowing options.

Trade Finance
Successful businesses often experience considerable pressure on the available finances due to timing difference of cash inflows and outflows. AFH offers Working Capital Finance to meet your day-to-day financial obligations and fund business growth.
Asset Finance
Purchasing assets such as equipment and vehicles is a significant financial undertaking. To help you preserve your working capital, we offer a range of equipment and financing solutions with payment plans that can be customized to your cash flow.
General Corporate purposes
AFH offers finance to support general business needs or growth objectives through our comprehensive selection of Corporate Lending products. Whether you want to re-capitalize, refinance, consolidate your debt or finance a new project or acquisition, we offer a range of products to help your business.
Real Estate Finance
When it comes to real estate financing, you need a bank that knows the nuances of the property sector and understands the local market. AFH provides financing to public corporations, private equity groups and individuals owning or acquiring commercial real estate assets in all property types including hotel & lodging, industrial, office and retail. Moreover AFH can finance the real estate at any stage of the development.
Contracting Finance
AFH caters for the complete needs of the bank's major contracting customers engaged in diversified engineering, construction, as well as operations and maintenance contracts. Whether the contracting company needs bank guarantees to qualify to enter public tenders or the necessary fund to complete the awarded project, AFH and through its extensive experience has the right financing solutions.
Project Finance
At AFH, we understand that different projects require different approaches and structures which are Sharia'a compliant while meeting the company's requirements. As your partner, we will provide you with innovative financing solutions and access to capital, to meet all the financing requirements irrespective of the size or complexity of the projects. It consists in financing projects in different sectors on a long term basis.
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