AFH offers to the customers various payment services such as Domiciliation, Bill Payments (Ogero/ ALFA/ TOUCH/ Internet), Mechanic payment, Built Property Taxes (BPT), Value-Added Tax (VAT), Income Taxes (Stipends and Salaries, Industrial, Commercial and Non-Commercial Profits), and others.






Pay Your Bills Through OMT

AFH customers can settle their dues and transfer money to their personal accounts at AFH through any of the 900 Online Money Transfer (OMT) locations across Lebanon.


  • Provide them with the 12 digits of your bill account
  • Pay your exact bill amount
  • Minimum fees to be applied


Mechanic Payments

You can settle your mechanic payment at any AFH branch.

Required Documents for Current Year:

  • Valid Car license (both sides)
  • Valid Third Party Liability Bodily Injuries Insurance
  • Valid insurance receipt
  • Valid positive mechanical result for the vehicle
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Taxes Payments

AFH will save your struggles and your time while you pay your taxes. AFH clients will no longer wait in line neither deal with paperwork to finalize their taxes. AFH will take in charge this task and deliver your taxes such as;


  • Built Property Taxes (BPT)
  • Value-Added Tax (VAT)
  • Income Tax on Stipends and Salaries
  • Income Tax on Industrial, Commercial and Non-Commercial Profits


Domiciliations & Bill Payments

AFH customers will no longer worry about the bill's deadline, because we offer them our domiciliations and bill payment service. This service will ease your monthly dealing with private and public sector through monthly domiciliation payments for several bills:

  • ALFA and TOUCH mobile bill
  • Ogero land line phone bill
  • Electricity Bill
  • Internet Bill
  • Others
Safe Box

AFH provides the customers a Safe Box Service. The safest way to store your valuable items, documents or any other thing you need to keep it  secure and confidential. AFH safe box located inside the bank and can be rented with two available sizes. The customer is the only one allowed to access the rented safe box.


  • Cash Margin:                                     $200
  • Annual rental fees (small):          $150
  • Annual rental fees (large):           $250
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