Commodities & Metals Murabaha

Our short-term investment offering allows customers to invest in Commodities and Metals. Through this unique Islamic product, customers can benefit from monthly returns enabling them to generate profit over a short tenor . This investment product is based on Wakala principle whereas the customer mandates the Bank to invest his funds in Commodities and Metals Murabaha.  

Key Facts Statement

  • Restricted investment account based on Commodities & Metals Murabaha 
  • Purchase and sale of metals (Platinum, Palladium) on behalf of the customer through the London Metal Exchange Market (LME)
  • Available in two currencies: LBP & USD
  • Profit Distribution: at the end of each specified period
  • No withdrawal or breaking of investment before maturity
  • Investment is renewed automatically unless the Bank is notified in writing not less than 7 working days
  • Generated Profits can be credited to the customer current A/C or added to the capital
  •  Valid ID or Passport
  • Must be at least 18 years old


  • Minors can open accounts through a legal custodian
  • Minimum investment: LBP15,000,000 or USD10,000
  • Available also in longer tenors
  • Starting date of the monthly investment:

            - 20th of each month in LBP
            - 10th and 25th of each month in USD

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